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The Vampires of Draconian Hill & the Glorious Specter

The Vampires of Draconian Hill & the Glorious Specter

Book Description: Gentle reader, It is with great fervor that I must warn you against opening this cursed tome. This is not a book for those seeking a pleasant diversion.

For within these pages, you will find a short collection of illustrated poems that delve into the darkest pits of the human mind. They offer no solace, no relief, and no respite from the unrelenting bleakness that awaits.

The Vampires of Draconian Hill is a haunting verse that whisks the reader to a city ruled by bloodthirsty ghouls and their loyal child followers. Seduced by the undead's promises of treasure and safety, the children succumb to their malevolent charms, resulting in an ending so bleak, I dare not recount.

Sadly, these morose tales do not end there. The Glorious Specter tells the story of a malevolent spirit that haunts a small mining town, driving its inhabitants to the brink of madness and despair. And I fear ye are not prepared for such sinistry.

I implore you, dear reader, to consider carefully before venturing further into this abyss. For once these tales have taken hold, there is no telling to which dark paths they may lead.

The illustrations that accompany these poems are disturbing and grim, the work of a dastardly mind that should not be encouraged. I implore you, leave this book untouched and seek a more uplifting and wholesome read.

Yours in caution,

Brian James Gage

Release Date: June 10, 2023



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