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The Sommelier Update: The Nosferatu Conspiracy Book 2

Hi, all.

Just thought I'd post a teaser image for my next novel that I'm just about to get real busy with.

I have basically the 1st chapter written, and the second & third thought out... So very initial stages.

Main thing holding me back is I'm stewing on how to tie in the main plot mcguffin as it were to some of the secondary and tertiary plots that are essentially what lead into the 3rd book... So I have to be careful to avoid future rewrites...

Anyway, check it out! This tells you nothing and everything about the plot of book #2 in one swoop. Only thing I can tell you is you'll never look at WWI the same after this is complete.

Thanks for your interest and support of my writing! Be a chum - click here and subscribe to my mail list at the bottom of the page.



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