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The Nosferatu Conspiracy: Book One, The Sleepwalker

The Nosferatu Conspiracy Book One: The Sleepwalker


A sprawling suspense thriller set in St. Petersburg, Russia against the backdrop of The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty. Combining historical elements from Jack the Ripper and Vlad Dracula, the first book in the Nosferatu Conspiracy series is an action and suspense-packed alternate retelling of Rasputin's diabolical influence over the final days of the Romanov Dynasty.

Release Date: March 2, 2020


Finalist: 2021 Next Generation Book Award--Best Horror Novel

Winner: Silver Medal 2021 Benjamin Franklin Award Best Horror

Winner: Best Horror Novel 2021 Independent Press Awards

Silver Medal: Reader's Favorite 2020 Book Awards, Supernatural Fiction Category

Finalist: 2020 Millennium Book Awards

Blue Ink Review - Best Books of 2020

Indie Reader - Best Books of April 2020

"...Enthralling... a superior job of integrating the unrest preceding the Russian Revolution into the gore-filled action. Fans of historical horror thrillers will be eager to see where Gage goes next." —Publishers Weekly

"A vigorous & immersive vampire tale set against the twilight of the Romanovs." "Gage's prose is well calibrated for this Gothic series opener, blending imperial courtliness with vampire grisliness." "a highly satisfying merging of horror & political milieus, wringing a bit of fun--and a whole lot of blood--out of one of the most chaotic & tragic periods of modern history."—Kirkus Reviews

BookLife Reviews (Editor's Choice): "Gage's wonderfully gruesome supernatural suspense debut combines Russian history with vampire lore." "...prose designed to be read aloud with lurid glee..." "a welcome return to vampires that are heartless, cold, and deadly, designed for readers to hate and fear." "Every train ride, shadow, and moment of eerie quiet perfectly creates a feeling of foreboding."Takeaway: This wonderfully terrifying blend of bloody history and vicious vampires will hold supernatural suspense fans in thrall."

★★★★★ (Out of 5)"Highly graphic and wonderfully disturbing..." "...nothing short of brilliant." "Author Brian James Gage weaves his own dark fantasy tale in and out of real history with such an adept hand that he makes you believe that vampires and other such dark conjurings could indeed have been real at the time." "A powerfully grim tale with an accurate historical atmosphere and a highly inventive thriller plot that keeps you gripped at every turn." - K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorite

★ Starred Review: "A one of a kind novel to be sure, the author has created a fantastic new take on the legend of Gregori Rasputin..." "This is a fantastic book for anyone who enjoys history, historical fiction, tales of the supernatural and mysteries." " original vampiric tale like no other." "...a truly engaging read." "A must-read for any supernatural and historical fiction fans." "...the perfect amount of suspense, thriller and history all rolled into one." - Pacific Book Review

★★★★★ (Out of 5) "...a deep, foreboding Gothic atmosphere..." "...unspeakable horrors..." "...a fascinating urban fantasy..." - Clarion Reviews

★ Starred Review "...Relentless..." "...Deliciously dark..." "...Darkly stylish..." " irresistible read. Dark fantasy and historical thriller fans alike will devour this book." - BlueInk Reviews

"...Electrifying..." "...a gripping, edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller..." "...a fascinating rendition of events surrounding Rasputin..." "Full of nonstop tension with unpredictable twists and turns that explode into a spine-tingling climax." - Diane Woodman, Best Seller's World Review

"...Breathtaking..." "...graphic and hair-raising..." "...a scary story which delves into politics, power, family, loyalty, betrayal, and love." "Brian James Gage fuses suspense, adventure, cruel killings, history, mind games, humor, and a fantastic vivid description of the events and characters to make this a future classic." - Hollywood Book Reviews

"an engrossing story that juxtaposes its paranormal action with historical references designed to rewrite the reader's perception of reality." "...a darkly engrossing tale of murder, mayhem, political subterfuge, and a vampire cult that rages across Europe." "The addition of social, cultural, political and psychological elements to this Russian-based story sets it apart from any other vampire saga and will especially delight students of history who look for more than light formula writing in the genre." "...delightfully complex and absorbing, holding the perfect combination of thriller action and detailed background to make it an unpredictable, satisfying story..." "Very highly recommended indeed: a diabolically gripping read!" - Midwest Book Review

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½ "A dark piece of fiction that defies categorization. The author plays with form and uses language as a paintbrush, poetically scribbling on the dungeon walls of this striking novel. There is an incredible amount of tension that is stretched like tar across all the chapters, with rare moments of release, making this one book that is hard to put down. Horrific and masterfully inventive, The Nosferatu Conspiracy is a powerful work of fiction."

"...a rollicking action/horror mashup that uses the real-life 1917 Russian Revolution and Bolshevik uprising as a backdrop for a vampire apocalypse." "Rasputin makes a fun villain and author Brian James Gage finds intriguing and original ground in the well-traveled landscape of vampire fiction in THE NOSFERATU CONSPIRACY, a fun and interesting twist on vampire tropes and the Russian Revolution rolled into an action/adventure tale." ~Rob Errera for IndieReader



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