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The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book 1: The Sleepwalker

It's complete! I received the files back from the typesetter today, and now all that's left is deciding on the release schedule. Earliest will be late February. Here's the final cover art (front & back.)

Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book 1: The Sleepwalker, book cover
Front & Back Cover Spread

Very pleased with how it turned out.

So there you have it - 13 (almost 14) years worth of work. Mind you I shelved the manuscript for this from 2008-2018... So I guess it was about three total years of work to finish due to the intensive amount of historical research that went into it...

I will report back with the release date once I figure it out. But for now — I rest.

Thank you again for your interest and support of my writing.

Keep it vampy,



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