• Brian James Gage

Kirkus Reviews — The Nosferatu Conspiracy, The Sleepwalker

Nice review came in today from Kirkus Reviews.

Pretty happy with this one as Kirkus Reviews is about as mainstream and hard on books as it gets, so I was expecting them to pan it due to the violent content within the novel.

Low and behold I was partially right.

Although I still managed to pull out a positive review, the novel did not earn a Kirkus Star as the reviewer felt some of the violence was in "poor taste". Damn straight! I actually take pride in that assessment, but I wholly disagree with the critique. I am extremely anti-violence in real life, and violence of any kind is always in poor taste.

I still stand firmly by my choices in how I depicted the vile nature of the novel's events. The violence in the book is exactly as it should be: grim, callous, and shockingly gruesome.

The novel's violence aligns with the savagery of the times. Historically, the poor Romanov children were lined up in a basement and shot to death point blank. Poor taste, indeed. The novel is merely a reflection of that callousness, and it's my goal as a horror author to see readers experience that level of grim hopelessness.

All-in-all still a victory to receive a positive Kirkus review for a novel I was told was "unpublishable" due to it's gruesome nature.

Thank you again for your interest in and support of my writing!