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J.S. Bach, Invention #4, BWV 775

I was finally assigned my favorite Bach invention!

Here is my progress on the harpsichord version which I like to do first as it helps me hear exactly where I'm failing on my articulation.

I'm pretty happy with this recording as I'm trying to do these in one and only one take to help with my performance anxiety. So if I sit down and mess up, I have to walk away and try again in an hour or so . . . Friday night, I bombed all of them and couldn't get a good one take recording.

So on Sat, I sat down and did a series of very slow run-throughs, and when I sat down to do a recording in the evening nailed this version on the 1st take. Lesson being: slow practice works!

I still have a ways to go to get it super clean and "shiny" as it were, but I am satisfied with my progress.

I have a few more weeks of practice, I think before I'll be ready to record the piano version, but it's coming.

Anyway, here is the harpsichord version.

Thanks for watching!



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