• Brian James Gage

Indie-Reader Review, The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book One: The Sleepwalker

Another nice review came through from Indie-Reader. I liked this one as you can tell the reviewer really understands the genre. That said, his one gripe about the book is 100% inaccurate and I feel I have to correct it.

Reviewer states: "Rasputin’s a dynamic villain, but his seemingly limitless superpowers make some situations frustrating. Rasputin can teleport anywhere, anytime, and his physical and regenerative powers appear boundless. Twice he gets staked in the chest and keeps going. You can only bend the rules of vampire fiction so far…you have have to know what the characters have at stake. (Awful pun intended.)"

Sorry, Rob—great over all review, but you got this part wrong. Maybe you have it right on the regenerative powers, so I'll take that critique - but!

A. In no instance does Rasputin teleport anywhere - his transformation, flight, and speed powers are limited to his physical surroundings. But he indeed does move quickly when he needs to.

B. Yes - twice he is staked. The first time, the stake misses his heart. The second time he is staked by wood that does not harm vampires. Only blackwood kills them.

C. His powers are not boundless as cited in the scene where he cannot levitate due to recently being set ablaze and that act wounding him greatly and weakening him. And another instance that comes to mind is when he is delivering the eulogy outdoors during thick cloud cover and is relieved as the injuries he is recovering from would have made it impossible for him to withstand direct sunlight.

Other than that, I really appreciate the review.

Keep it Spooktacular, y'all!