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Hollywood Book Reviews, Nosferatu Conspiracy #1 Review

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Hi, everyone.

Posting a review from Hollywood Book Review that came through today. Fortunately, this one came back really positive as well. Only 3.5 weeks left until the release! Don't be afraid to pre-order your copy today.

Thanks again for your interest and support of my work.


Reviewer: Aaron Washington for Hollywood Book Reviews

The Nosferatu Conspiracy: The Sleepwalker is nothing short of a breathtaking, chilly and sometimes a scary story which delves into politics, power, family, loyalty, betrayal, and love. The author is excellent in his narration, developing new characters after every few chapters and keeping the main characters solid. You will love Brian James Gage’s writing as his arrangement of the plot is vibrant, intriguing and unique. One subconsciously falls in love with how the writer plans his characters and executes the storyline. A commendable quality in the book is how Brian James Gage is engaging. Reading through the book makes one feel as if they are witnessing the events in real life. Everything from the first chapter and deeper into the book gets to be more intriguing as one progresses with the story.

We follow Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin as he lives through the troubled, prominent, influential and risky life he chose. Grigori was a leader in his own right. The man, an enigma to many, managed to ruffle feathers, mingle with the high and mighty and even challenge those above him. It is very easy to like this character even when he seems like a villain to some. How could one man live so many lifetimes? I enjoyed reading about this man, and how alive he felt even during his apparent murder. Not every man can survive getting poisoned, shot at and getting physically attacked just to support a mission he does not want to. Through the character, we travel across Russia and see how important power is; prominent people value both loyalty and royalty.

The story gets dark when deaths are involved. I like how the author brought about a different side with the power struggle. We see that even when evil thrives, something good happens somewhere. The death of Duke George Alexandrovich of Russia in Bucharest Romania is one of the many deaths I did not see coming. I appreciate how the author caught me by surprise in some cases. Reading about a turn of events is a pleasant intellectual maze and adds the spice to the story. Nicholas II was one of my favorite characters; even despite his shortcomings, Nicholas had a caring heart and showed concern to those he loved.

The Nosferatu Conspiracy: The Sleepwalker is an entertaining read especially for readers who are enthusiastic about political and conspiracy thrillers. Some tales are too graphic and hair-raising for the average reader, but that only makes the book more interesting. You get a feel of history as you read the many tales about Russia, Romania and power games in Europe. I even liked most characters who had grim roles. This is because they raised my curiosity and gave me a yearn to read more.  Brian James Gage fuses, suspense, adventure, cruel killings, history, mind games by characters, humor and a fantastic vivid description of the events and the characters to make this future classic. The techniques used by the author to developed characters deserves a special mention.



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