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Announcing K13 Media . . .

Hey, all.

So today I am announcing the launch of my own publishing company, K13. The goal of this venture is to create an artist-forward platform that offers generous creator royalties & focuses on the long term value of each property.

In the short term, I am specifically seeking titles for comics and graphic novels that are AI assisted. If you happen to be such an artist or know someone who is, please send them my way. In time, K13 will also be doing novels, but for now, I am working on signing a few talented people for a comic series I'm developing.

Oh! And there is also merch. I figure, if I'm not selling out and offering T-Shirts and mugs for my books, am I even authoring?

Stay tuned. It will be a slow grind at first as I work to identify AI artist talent, but I hope to have several titles launched by mid-to-late 2024.

Thanks for your interest and support,



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